Women Supporting Women



The NWin “Women Supporting Women” is a voluntary program designed to promote the growth of NLNG females through career development and leadership advocacy.

The NWIN “Women Supporting Women” (WSW) Program was rolled out on the 1st of July, 2017. The program aimed at providing a Self Help support platform to promote the growth of NLNG females through career development and leadership advocacy.


The NWin “WSW” Program is made up of two facets, namely WSW CIRCLE and WSW ADVISERS CONNECT.


What is WSW Circle?

The WSW Circle, one of the initiatives of NWin is designed to help progress the career of female NLNG staff that face challenges in advancing their careers or simply want to learn from senior female leaders and their peers to share experiences and seek guidance.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the WSW circle sessions is an interactive 2-way conversation, sharing experiences and learning’s from the Advisers and from each other in a confidential and comfortable setting. It is no doubt that a thriving Adviser-Advisee relationship is a powerful process to assist not just professional development but also personal development; and that as a whole is NWin’s objective for these sessions.

What is the Vision?

The program will focus on supporting female employees to succeed, with specific focus on:

  • Understanding female workforce challenges
  • Providing the necessary support within the groups
  • Providing Peer-to-Peer coaching


What is WSW Advisers Connect?

The WSW Advisers connect is a focus subgroup within consisting of Senior Female Business Leaders (SG 16 and above) who want to:

  • Support each other to get through the leadership bottleneck and attain success.
  • Maintain a strategic connection with the Leaders through business advocacy.
  • Mentor those behind them to success.

 What is the Purpose?

  • Understand the cause of the bottlenecks.
  • Provide the necessary support to ensure career growth and development of women in the business.
  • Increase our credibility by being Business Advocates.
  • Provide Peer-to-Peer coaching.

What is the Vision?

The group will focus on supporting female employees to succeed and promote a vision of business advocacy. The group will further help to understand institutional barriers and challenges faced by females in terms of career and personal development.

The group will be seen as “a voice of opportunity and challenge” to Senior Leadership and a critical element for promoting diversity and inclusion. The group will also deliberate on issues confronting the business and support NLNG future aspirations and propose possible solutions.