Catching them Young

NWIN will promote and support the girl child in pursuing careers in the STEM area. This will be approached by partnering with the Association of Professional Women Engineers in Nigeria (APWEN) arm of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Wimbiz and the Youth Resource centre (YRC) through mentorship and other learning opportunities.

In August 2017, we participated at the 2017 NLNG Adolescent program, the objective of which is to encourage healthy lifestyle among youths and adolescents, to teach them life skills and ways to cope with challenges they face at home and school.

In addition, we also participated at an Outreach for Bonny Youths whereby our Edith Hart and Ijeoma Onwuegbule were Guest Speakers, providing life lessons to impressionable youth.

Going forward:  NWIN’s charity work will be guided by its Charity Manual; which states that the list of charity work to be undertaken in a given for the year is agreed at the beginning of that year.

Existing Programs Opportunity for NWIN


1. WIMBIZBig Sister Program:

The Big Sisters Mentoring program provides girls and young women with a role model and a friend to talk to and share the experiences of growing up with. Beneficiaries of the program will be mentored by interested NWIN members in various fields who are committed to the development and well-being of the girl child.

An initiative through which we will equip and empower at least 5 young girls in our host communities with life skills needed to boost their confidence, build their leadership capacity; thereby preparing them for post-secondary education.


NWIN will partner with Wimbiz  in the Port Harcourt ‘Big Sister’ program.

Equip and empower at least 5 young girls in the Youth Resource Centre Bonny and monitor their progress


2. WIMBIZ – Graduate Internship Program, (WGIP) a 3-6 month intensive internship and mentoring program aimed at developing the employability skills of Nigerians. WGIP was created to bridge the employability gap among female graduates by providing opportunities for them to experience work in a formal setting; develop workplace skills in an established organization and be mentored on the job.

This program is open to graduates that are yet to be employed and are willing to intern with corporate organizations to develop their employability skills. At the end of the training, interns will participate in 2-day hands on training on employability.


In conjunction with HR, NWIN to seek opportunity in NLNG to provide a few slots in support of WGIP.

3. Professional Women Engineers arm of NSE – Run regular programs including visit to schools to encourage girls to take on science subjects, including mathematics. NWIN will collaborate with NSE Professional Women’s arm to impact young women of school age in Bonny and environs. We will jointly  run activities linked to the International day of the girl child
  4. School Library Project – provision of books to stock school libraries Availability of Funds permitting, we will evaluate the possibility to fill necessary gap in our educational system.