The NLNG Women Initiative Network, also referred to as “NWin”, is a body set up for the entrenchment of awareness and advancement of diversity in Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) to promote gender parity, relevance and collective intellectual resources of various talents for long term business sustainability and competitiveness.

 Vision Statement

To make significant impact in NLNG business growth via a balanced gender representation at all levels in the organization.


The objectives of NWin shall be:

1. To facilitate professional development of women’s careers and personal growth in NLNG and as much as reasonably practicable, in Nigeria at large;

2. To raise awareness and provide gender equality opportunities;

3. To provide a platform for NWin engagement with NLNG management.

4. To provide a platform for NLNG’s female employees to maximize their potentials and be a positive change catalyst in NLNG.

5. To expand relationships internally and externally to grow women’s capabilities and create a sense of pride and ownership in NLNG’s business.

6. To proactively engage, and develop the talent needed to drive success for self and Company through effective coaching and mentoring;

7. To be an advocacy and lobby group renowned for promoting mutual respect across NLNG as well as the need for the appreciation of diversity to ensure that all employees are valued.

Mission Statement

1. Stimulate and positively challenge women towards continuous self-development for leadership responsibilities and position them for career opportunities across all departments in NLNG organization.

2. Focus and stir women towards career profitability through engagements, workshops, training and talent development.

3. Provide a friendly environment to groom women through role modelling, coaching, mentoring, heart to heart talk and support for health, family life and career balance, leveraging on members experiences, challenges and success stories.

4. To address gender inequality through grassroots reawakening and orientation of the younger generation of women, (reaching out within capacity to educate, encourage and support Nigerian women of various walks of life).

5. To gather data, research and survey on issues related to women and related social groups.

6. Collaborate with responsible parties in the NLNG Organisation to raise awareness around gender issues that impact the business.